Marketing 101: “None of your success will work unless you do.”

“None of your success will work unless you do.”

That quote has been ingrained in my mind since I started AdLo in 2009. When I made the decision to invest my time, resources, and finances into my dream, I, like so many entrepreneurs, had no earthly idea where to start and how to reach out to grow my business. I felt as if I was drowning in a sea of marketing conundrums. And to make matters worse, my entire business model was marketing for other businesses! I knew all of the strategies, techniques, and tools that one would learn from working 80+ hour work weeks in the rigorous world of sales and marketing. But as I started to build the company, I very quickly found out that to effectively grow a business, the main ingredient required was one four letter word: WORK.

There are various ways to market and promote a product or service, most of which will be covered in later blogs, but I figured, with this being AdLo’s first official marketing blog, one thing has to be made clear- if you make that giant leap into entrepreneurship, that ever so risky step into relying on yourself to make a paycheck, no matter what innovative marketing strategies you implement, if you’re not prepared to work ten times as hard for twice as long as you did at your job, your chances for success are already dwindling.

Now, with this being a blog devoted solely to marketing and business, let’s discuss a little bit about marketing. There are many official and technical definitions for the word Marketing. There are also many popular misconceptions about the word Marketing, many of which will be addressed in later posts. In an effort to keep it as simple as possibly, Marketing can best be defined as “a combination of logic and intuition.” Before you were ever a business owner, you were, and still are, a customer. And as a customer, you know what attracted you to purchase certain items or services, and what turned you completely off from buying other products and services. It is that mindset that will help in determining the best strategy to market your business. Also, as a business owner and entrepreneur, you will always have a gut feeling about whether something will work or not. One universal piece of advice; TRUST THAT FEELING.

This blog will cover various topics in the world of business and marketing. Everything will be discussed, from social media to SEO. There will also be many tips and techniques given on general marketing practices, and I implore you to interact and ask as many questions as possible! Thanks and talk to you soon!

C. Adkison,

President & CEO, AdLo Marketing Group


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We are a strategic marketing firm with a focus on providing our clients with innovative tactics and strategies to develop and sustain customer growth to their company.

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