SEO Week Day #3: All About LINKS!!!

An important part of SEO, one that most people never account for, is the factor of links into building an effective SEO campaign. Links are an important two-way street to a website, with search engines analyzing the amount of credibility your site has, as well as how many credible sites have links to your website. Before we delve any further into links though, we first must discuss how search engines rank websites.

Google, the worldwide leader in search engines, uses a common algorithm when deciphering which websites are placed higher than others on results pages. This algorithm is simply called PageRank™, named for the use of the algorithm and for its developer, Google’s co founder, Larry Page. PageRank™ is fairly simple in how it works, and is based off of work done at Stanford University. At Stanford, the authority, or credibility, of an academic paper is largely based by how many other papers reference and cite it. Furthermore, if a paper is cited by another paper that itself is heavily cited, then that paper will have more authority than a paper that has less significant citations. So the number of citations isn’t the only important thing, the authority of the page citing it is also heavily weighed. In essence, this algorithm is used by Google in the same fashion, with more authority being given to websites that are linked to by other websites, that are themselves ranked heavily.

For instance, let’s use our photography website example from our earlier blog on keywords. Let’s say you’ve started your photography website and have inserted all of the important keywords in the headers and general content. If your website is just published online, search engines like Google won’t give it that much credibility or authority because no other websites are linking to it. Basically search enginesLink-Building1 have no clue whether your site has high quality or not. Now let’s say one of your clients gets a picture taken by you to be featured in a major magazine or online blog and they link it to your website. Then your authority will raise significantly because most major magazines are high authority websites themselves. The higher the websites that link to you, the higher significance your website will have in the eyes of search engines. And the greatest way to get the best websites to link to you, is by creating incredible content that sparks interest.

When getting links, the best way is create content and naturally be found by high authority websites. Another method that is used is contacting bloggers in your industry and requesting that they check your website out and provide links on their postings. You should definitely avoid spams and link farms, which are sites that aren’t real, and only exist to create links to other websites. Search engines assign low value to these sites and with prevalent use can cause your website to be banned by some search engines. Also, links that are designed through anchor text are considered high value by search engines. Anchor text is content that is clickable and leads the user to a specific website. When linking through anchor text, it’s always optimal to have the text contain keywords that are attributed to you website.

Ultimately, links are very important to the success of any SEO campaign. Ultimately when getting links for your website, make sure that the links are from high authority websites, not from spam sites or link farms, and to make sure your content are interesting enough to create enough buzz about your business and website. For more information on link building for your SEO campaign, check out:

Thanks for checking out our blog! Stay Tuned as we continue SEO Week tomorrow, when we discuss what to avoid in building an SEO campaign. See you soon!

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