Let’s Talk Social Media: Facebook Pt. 1

One of the main questions that come across my screen are people asking me about social media, and let’s be honest, with the rise and increasing popularity of social media over the past 10+ years, the increasing advertisements and promotions by just about every business imaginable on social media sites, and the various avenues and marketing techniques to get optimal customers to see and buy from you, it’s OBVIOUS why social media is such a hot topic these days. So over the next few weeks, I’ll be giving tips, techniques, and rules of thumb on marketing your business over the various popular social media platforms. First up, we’ll be talking about the reigning king of the social media spectrum: Facebook.

Facebook is, and I project will continue to be for a while, the top social media platform across the globe. It has the most active users, the most diversity, and continues to be the leader in business advertising. As I was drafting this piece, I social media marketingthought about giving a history of Facebook, but let’s be honest, we all know how Facebook got started. Mark Zuckerberg is a household name, and there is even a major motion picture about him and the start of Facebook. What I will talk about though, is the changes that Facebook made internally, and how it set the stage for other social media sites to alter and capitalize how businesses promote and advertise through their network.

There was a popular story floating around about 6 years ago about a guy from New Zealand, who quit his job and opened an online clothing boutique. His product was good, but the problem was, which a good number of businesses can relate to today, no one knew he existed. He had no strategy to direct people to his website. So one day, while he was browsing on Facebook, it struck him: He, and a lot of his friends and family, were spending countless hours socializing online. So, hefacebook-marketing started promoting his business and his clothing, on Facebook. He made a page, invited all everyone on his friends’ list, and started showcasing his items and prices. Needless to say, his business boomed. It’s reported that in the first 2 months, he made $50,000 dollars, all from marketing through Facebook.
That was the beginning of the wave of Facebook advertising. Soon every local business was advertising on Facebook, and eventually major retail chains joined in the the Facebook business rush. But then, the inevitable happened. Facebook started noticing the trend, and capitalized heavily on it. First it was with paid promotions, which gets you more views and potentially more customers. Then, they took it a step further. They developed an algorithm that essentially forces a business to pay in order to reach a reasonable number of users. If you’ve created or managed a Facebook page, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Whereas in the beginning, if you opted not to pay to promote your posts, you would be limited to whoever followed your page and essentially, whoever they shared your page with. Now, however, if you post an organic (unpaid) post, it will most likely be seen by less than 10 people on average. Facebook’s algorithm basically allows your post to reach a percentage of your page’s followers, and the percentage can increase or decrease based on the amount of users who engage with the post. Now, the more people that engage with your posts on a regular basis, the higher percentage of users will see you organically, but you will NEVER reach 100% of your followers unless you pay to promote your post. That’s the simple truth of it.

So, now that you know how Facebook facilitates your business advertising, what can you do about it? Well, sadly the best thing to do is to pay to promote some posts. Now, while Facebook is essentially forcing you to pay to successfully advertise on their platform, the cost to advertise won’t break the bank. If you’re growing at a reasonable pace, and locally, you can do a good facebookamount of successful promotion with $50-$100 a month in Facebook advertising, which is a pretty good amount as opposed to, let’s say Yelp, which costs around $400-$600 a month on average. Also, Facebook is amazing at target marketing, so your paid posts will usually reach
a pretty specific demographic.So, my advice, takeyour mostnoteworthy posts, choose the bestdemographic to see
them, and set a budget for Facebook to show it off. Organically, on the other hand, is a little slower and difficult, and you won’t have the same reach as a paid post, but there are a couple of hacks to get more than 10 of you followers to see unpaid posts form you. First, make sure you invite you friends and family to like your page. This is a no-brainer, simply because your friends and family know you, love you, and will do simple things such as like your page, and like and share your posts. The algorithm that Facebook employs doesn’t reach people your posts are shared with. So, if you know are a user of Facebook, you know that the more times things are shared, the more people will see it, and the higher the reach.

There is so much more to cover over the machine that is Facebook, but not enough for one blog! Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Facebook talk which will be published soon. We’ll cover how to market, what NOT to do, and some useful tools to interact with you prospective customers.

Cassius Adkison, CEO/Lead Consultant, AdLo Marketing Group



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